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SIP Milling Machine, Kmill KS200


SIP Milling Machine Kmill is suitable to mill sterile drugs and sterile API. It can be directly connected to the discharge of different type of dryers allowing the system to have CIP and SIP functions. 

      ●CIP/SIP Design

        -- greaseless gearbox design

        -- all o-rings have been upgraded to EPDM which can stand heat and high corrosive

        -- using 3-lipseal at the output shaft of gearbox can effectively avoid powder, water and steam from entering into the gearbox.

      ●Tight PSD

        -- increase product on target up to 30%

      ●Low Noise

        -- a gentle milling technology

      ●Low Dust

        -- avoid to use dust collector or containment systems

      ●Low Temperature

        -- suitable for milling heat-sensitive products

      ●Extremely Short Head Height

        -- possible to connect directly with upstream equipment

      ●Capacities*: up to 2000 kg/hr

      ●Power: 4 KW (5Hp)

      ●Electric Pressure: 380V,3PH,50Hz

      ●Screen Diameter: 203mm

      ●Speed of Impeller: 300-2,400 rpm

      ●Speed/Impeller Gap: no adjustment required

      ●Minimum Height of Housing: 360 mm

      ●SIP Condition: max. steam temperature 130℃,bmax. steam pressure 1.9 bar and max. sterilization time 30min


      * Capacities are based on standard pharmaceutical placebo with 3% microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), Capacities may vary significantly based on product characteristics.