Grandway Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Security Sifter, KF200


The Security Sifter  KF200 can capture and retain impurities and other foreign material efficiently as well as break down large lump. Centrifugal K-Sifter is a simple in-line design and prevent the final processing products from the risk of contamination. 

      ●Security screening and Delumping

      ●High Productivity

        --materials and impurities can be separated efficiently

        --360°product discharge

      ●Operate Easily

        --screens are easy to change and clean

        --single bolt locking mechanism

      ●GMP Standard

        --stainless steel

        -- sanitary and convenient for cleaning

      ●Low dust

        --no shake required

      ●Low maintenance

      ●Low noise

      ●Suitable for vacuum discharge and dust-free pneumatic conveying integration

      ●Power: 4 KW (5Hp)

      ●Electric Pressure: 380V,3PH,50Hz

      ●Screen Diameter: 200 mm

      ●RPM:  450-2700 rpm

      ●Height of Housing: 360 mm