Grandway Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


Grandway Technology provides you with effective services including testing, consulting and after-sales services.

After-Sales Services


Our services objective  are FAST,  ACCURATE and  SATISFACTION.  After receiving customer notice, we will reply

immediately  or  send  our  technician  to the site  in order to  find a solution.  We will also take the opportunity 

to provide site  training  on  operation  and  maintenance  so that  customer is able to run the equipment safely 

and reliably.


Grandway Technology is dedicated to provide you the following services:

●Installation, Start-up and Site Acceptance Test

●Installation Qualification and Operation Qualification Validation

●Trouble Shooting and Maintenance

●Training for related people

●Process Optimization



Please feel free to contact us if you need our services. 

Grandway Technology not only cares about our  machine  performance,  but  also  cares customer  satisfaction. 

We have an  experienced service team.  Each member can deliver fast  and  effective service beyond customers’



Grandway Technology provides you smart Testing Services and comprehensive After-sales Services.

Testing Services

We  offer  you  free  of  charge  testing  in  our state-of-the-art   R&D  Test  Center in  Beijing.  Base on your 

requirement,  we  use our  demo units  to  run  the test and obtain  the true  data.  According  to  the  analysis, 

our specialist will recommend you the optimal  proposal  on equipment as  well  as  the  best choice in tooling. 

If you are unable to witness your test,  we  will send you  the test result.  If  necessary,  a  video  of  the  testing 

process can also be provided.


The Test Center is equipped with a complete range of equipment for different process requirements:

●Delumping and Screening - KF200

●Wet and Dry Milling, Deagglomerating, Mixing - K50、K200、KS200

●CIP/SIP - KS200

●A wide range of Screens & Impellers also available


If necessary,  we can send you the demo unit for  your  in - house   production  testing  in order to confirm the 

processing requirement can be fulfilled under real condition.